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Niemann-Pick type C (NP-C) is a treatable inherited, irreversible and chronically debilitating neurovisceral disease with a minimal incidence previously estimated to be 1:100,000-1:120,000.1 More recent analysis of four large, independent exome sequencing databases suggests that NP-C may be more prevalent, with a conservative estimated incidence of 1/89,229 for classical NP-C.2 The disease is characterized by progressive, disabling neurologic symptoms and premature death in most patients. The age of onset is highly variable; affecting infants, children and adults.

This website aims to increase healthcare professional awareness of how NP-C might present and help you understand which symptoms and features should prompt further investigation or referral. It also provides links to resources and tools that aid diagnosis and management of NP-C, as well as monitoring of disease progression. These include consensus guidelines for the clinical management of NP-C in children and adults,3 recently updated recommendations for the screening and diagnosis of patients with NP-C,4 the NP-C Suspicion Index, a simple-to-use screening tool to help identify patients who should be tested for NP-C to aid earlier diagnosis, 5–7 and resources such as the NP-C Professional network and Neurocular.com.

There are two other forms of Niemann-Pick: type A and type B. This website focuses on Niemann-Pick type C and does not include information about the other forms of Niemann-Pick disease.


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